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Loving Care for your child at Magical Star Preschool

Loving Care For Your Child at Magical Star Preschool

We began Magical Star Preschool because of the need for a Preschool that was based on nurturing love and tender care. Parents need to know their children are being well taken care of in a safe and happy environment. Too many daycare’s have a high teacher-child ratio and not enough toys in the building for the children to learn while playing.

One of the greatest factors in a child’s life is High-Quality Childcare, a key to a bright and successful future. Magical Star Preschool is here to provide that key factor in your child’s life and to help ease your concerns as a parent that you are doing the very best for your child.

Quality Care at Magical Star Preschool

To provide quality child care, the staff of Magical Star Preschool is required to take 28-hours of training each year, giving our teachers a higher than the required state standards of training.

Many members of the Magical Star Preschool staff have child education based degrees and if they do not they are working on getting one. The owner of the daycare is actively pursuing her own Masters degree, and also working on the Positive Behavior Support Certificate focusing more on Autism and its Spectrum Disorders.

Continuing Education at Magical Star Preschool

Continuing our education and training is how we become better caregivers for your children. As we progress and grow it changes us from just caregivers but actual experts in childcare. Many of our staff use their evenings and weekends to continue their learning, making each of them a positive and powerful addition to your child’s life. We want the world to see the Star that your child is.

Magical Star Preschool is proud to state we have staff with Master, Bachelor and CDA Degrees. Each of our teachers receives support from Quality First Coaches, Mental Health Experts and Nursing Consultants.

Magical Star Preschool Welcomes You

Even our front office has an experienced staff waiting to welcome you and your child to our preschool. Magical Star Preschool understands the need for communication and openly embraces the Open-Door Policy enriching the communication between us and our parents and their children.

Wisdom Begins With Wonder at Magical Star Preschool.

Contact us today to watch your child grow with gentle loving hands!