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Magical Star Preschool Program show children how to help each other learn

Children Helping Each Other Learn at Magical Star Preschool

The Magical Star Preschool Program use a variety of educational toys, play areas and scheduled play times to inspire your child’s developmental progress. Our center believes in using items such as building blocks to develop your child’s Fine Motor Skills. Our Preschool Program’s reading center uses age appropriate books specifically designed to help build their communication and language skills. We also use dress up, dolls, puppets, kitchen time, and more for the drama play which helps your child to understand the world around them.

Our Preschool Program’s Requirements

  • Magical Star Preschool is DHS Licensed
  • We are Department of Economic Security (DES) Certified
  • Magical Star Preschool Serves Chandler, Mesa, Phoenix, Gilbert, and Queen Creek Arizona
  • Members of Quality First, the NAEYC, and National Association of Child Care Professionals (NACCP)

Benefits of Magical Star Preschool Program

  • Your child will successfully learn how to overcome life’s problems with loving encouragement.
  • Studies have shown that children, who experienced positive play and creativity time while attending High Quality Preschool Program, were better at finding different answers to problems with an innovative ability.
  • “A major clue to mental health lies in the spontaneously creative imagination of childhood both as a form of learning and as a function of the organizing powers of the nervous system.”
  • Magical Star Preschool children make friends while attending our Preschool Program, providing a want and need for any child. Studies showed that 83.7% of the children that were asked what made them happy replied with playing with friends. This answer ranked higher than even Christmas, playing video games, and even their own birthday.
  • Children that attend Preschool Program are not only academically stronger but have a deeper emotional understanding and growth.

Preschool Program Encourage Healthy Emotional Growth

Magical Star Preschool believes in well-rounded developmental growth by using Emotional Knowledge to help set the path of your child’s future. We know that each person including children have to deal with emotions on a daily basis, these emotions can include: Empathy, Disappointment, Fear, Freedom, Happiness, Justice, Love, and Resiliency.

Our Children learn the ability to communicate their feelings in a appropriate manner, that is brought on by emotional intelligence. The children here at Magical Star Preschool, learn how to identify their emotional problems and manage them through productive understanding.

Magical Star Preschool Program children develop a “can do” attitude through ‘know how’ and learning both successes and gentle losses. Having the ability to use their emotions successfully inspire a Star Bright future.

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At Magical Star Preschool Program, Wisdom Begins With Wonder.