Toddler Care

Learning Steps at Magical Star Preschool Toddler Program

Learning Steps at Magical Star Preschool Toddler Program

When your baby becomes a toddler, the Toddler Program at Magical Star Preschool is an excellent choice during this time of their life. We are there to be with your toddler while they adjust to their growing bodies, and learn to use their growing senses like their ability to solve problems. The Toddler Program Teachers at Magical Star Preschool are here to help your growing toddler learn the world around them in a successful and heartfelt way.

Highly Trained Toddler Program Teachers

Knowing that your toddler is in a safe environment where the teachers are trained and adhere to the regulations provided by the Arizona Department of Health Services. Magical Star Preschool keeps records of all inspection reports available upon request, so that you as a parent can feel a sense of peace that your toddler is being taken care of in the best developmentally way possible.

Magical star Preschool is proud to state that we accept DES Subsidy and are also contracted with the Department of Economic Security. The Toddler Program at Magical Star Preschool has classrooms that are geared to promote creativity in your toddler and higher learning and an early age.

Ready, Set, Toddler Program

Your child has went from learning to walk to taking off at an excited pace, showing that they are ready for the Toddler Program at Magical Star Preschool. During a day at our toddlers are enveloped by the friends they have made, play both outside and during toy time, while exploring their inner artist doing different art projects.

The Toddler Program at Magical Star Preschool has:

  • Caring, Quality certified teachers that are State certified.
  • Walk, run, play!  Group circle time, art projects, letters, numbers, outside play, and much more!
  • Potty training and Diaper changes.
  • Full homemade meals and snacks included.
  • Also each child has their own large floor level cubby.

Parents do not have to worry if their Toddler is ready for Potty Training; our certified teachers in the Toddler Program are here to help you and your child go through this phase of life with a caring touch. Each child is different when it comes to Potty Training, and just like any other growth development, the progress of it is determined by the child.

When it comes to helping your toddler learn to potty train there are a few methods that work with all children:

  • Regular practice sessions means repetition.
  • Rewarding your toddler for a job well done.
  • Give your child all the opportunities they need to go to the bathroom. It does not matter if you and your child go to the bathroom 10 times and your toddler only uses it once; use each time there to talk about using the toilet.
  • Last but not least, your toddler will let you know if they are ready to begin Potty Training.

Contact us today to watch your child grow with gentle loving hands.

At Magical Star Preschool, Wisdom Begins With Wonder in our Toddler Program.