Infant and Toddler Daycare in Phoenix, AZ

Magical Star Preschool welcomes children as young as six weeks to our infant care program in Phoenix. We believe it’s never too early to learn essential skills as part of healthy development. This includes tactile skills and general cognitive development. We take early childhood care seriously and strive to provide Phoenix, AZ infants and toddlers with an environment that fosters positive growth.

We know that many milestones will happen during this stage of a child’s life, and we are here to capture them. We provide daily reports, photos and calls to the families when wonderful things happen, so you can share in the joy of your developing child!

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For Infants

Infants are always developing, and every interaction they have is part of that development. We believe in focusing on the most important early-stage aspects of development, so kids across Phoenix, AZ develop stronger cognition in their most important years.

  • Language: Infants learn language through sounds and gestures. These actions help them to form important brain connections so they can use their voice to communicate.
  • Cognitive: The focus of infants is very short and they have many different approaches to solving problems. Stimulating their five senses helps guide them to this development.
  • Social: Infants get familiar with adults, which builds their social development. As they meet more people, their cognition begins to translate into early-age social skills.

For Toddlers

Need to enroll your child in toddler daycare? We welcome developing toddlers from throughout the Phoenix, AZ area, and can’t wait to help them learn and grow! Our focus on toddler development includes emphasis on:

  • Physical: From crawling to walking, to running and climbing, toddlers show no fear! We help them discover body awareness, so they can explore with confidence.
  • Communication: During their time with us, your child will learn to count, discover writing and music, learn to follow simple instructions and request the potty.
  • Creativity: This is a time when kids learn that they can be messy and have fun at the same time! They’ll have fun with friends by dancing and singing, and embrace creativity.

Enroll Your Toddler in Our Program

Magical Star Preschool welcomes infants and toddlers from throughout the Phoenix, AZ area. For more information about our early childhood development programs or to request enrollment information, please contact us today at 602-267-1539.