School Age Daycare Phoenix, AZ

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Teaching young children is a creative process. At Magical Star Preschool, our early childhood educators rely on a robust curriculum for inspired development. Our school-aged children experience social, emotional and cognitive growth, learning the fundamentals of language, math, science and physical education. We’re proud to offer one of the most complete curriculums in Phoenix, AZ.

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Our Curriculum

We offer school age daycare and classroom learning environments for kids who are at the age where institutional education is part of their routine. Because children learn from their daily interactions with the environment, we’ve carefully organized an atmosphere rich with stimuli. All lesson plans incorporate the developmental levels and ages of the children, family values and traditions, children’s abilities, personal liking, and life skills.

  • Our curriculum also includes structured times that get kids into a routine, for stability and familiarity in their daily lives.
  • Transition times are planned in advance of activities, to facilitate smooth movement from one activity to another, and from one location to another.
  • Meal times include breakfast, lunch, two scheduled snacks and dinner. They’re incorporated in the classroom planning as a break from daily activities.
  • A portion of each day will include outside time(weather permitting). Teachers will provide stimulating activities for all children to encourage physical learning.

Before and After School Care Programs

For students of nearby schools, we provide welcoming before school care and after school care. Our structured environment is a safe place where they can get ready for the day and enjoy continued learning after the classroom. For the convenience of parents, we provide transportation to before and after school programs from five area elementary schools.

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Parents across Phoenix, AZ trust Magical Star Preschool to provide their children with an immersive education experience. We want your child to develop a deep appreciation for learning in an environment that allows them to be curious, expressive and supported. Contact us today at 602-267-1539 for more information about our school-age daycare and learning curriculum, or for enrollment materials.