Preschool (Pre K) Classes Phoenix, AZ

Magical Star Preschool welcomes pre-school-aged kids to our classroom and provides them with a tactile learning environment that stimulates their curiosity, imagination and zeal for learning! Our preschool classes are open to kids throughout Phoenix, AZ, and we work hard to make sure every child has an individualized experience that enriches them for the better.

Every day, our preschoolers explore science fun, create artwork and play movement games, stimulating all facets of their young minds. They also learn the importance of following directions and other key skills for learning success.

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Preschool Classes

Preschool gives children a head start as they enter their most formative learning years. We strive to provide Phoenix, AZ children with a welcoming introduction to the learning environment with preschool classrooms that spark their curiosity and learning intuition. Our passionate teachers partner with you during this special time, making their experience of preschool the best it can be.

Our preschool classes are where your child will recognize his or her own name and begin to write it using both letters and letter-like shapes. They’ll also learn to identify and name five to ten letters and begin to know the sounds for them. They’re encourages to take on simple activities independently—like setting the table with cups and plates—and continue until the task is done. And, of course, they’ll develop social skills as they play with other children,showing the ability to resolve disagreements with little help from adults.

Pre-Kindergarten Program

Pre-K is your child’s first foray into a classroom-like environment, and it’s an opportunity for them to explore institutional learning before they enter kindergarten. Here, they’ll learn to recognize the feelings of others and respond appropriately, like comforting a friend who is upset. They’ll also complete challenging activities that require greater focus and persistence.

We promote social and cognitive development at every opportunity. This includes recognizing and accepting similarities and differences among people, and showing an appreciation for diversity. Your child will gain independence while getting ready for the transition to kindergarten with a more organized environment.

Enrich Your Child’s Education

Magical Star Preschool understands the importance of engaging preschool and pre-kindergarten experiences. Let us provide your child with the introduction to formal education they need to develop a love of the classroom. Contact us today at 602-267-1539 for more information about our programs or to receive enrollment information.