Magical Star Preschool = High Quality Loving Childcare

We offer a chance for your child to grow in a loving environment that is dedicated to caring for your child in a High Quality Preschool but at affordable prices. The children at Magical Star Preschool are given the chance to grow in all the stages of development at their own pace.

Caring Hands & Loving Hearts at Magical Star Preschool

Caring Hands & Loving Hearts at Magical Star Preschool

Development At Magical Star Preschool

As your child begins their day at Magical Star Preschool, you will find that they are greeted with the preschool teachers and staff that are not only happy to see them but want to care for them as you would. Each morning the children are given a nutritious and home cooked breakfast to start their day. It is a proven fact that children do better when their bodies have a well balanced breakfast.

As their morning continues each child is given a chance to interact with other children. By having the children spend time together learning and playing they are building their Social Development skills. We know that children do better when they are a part of stimulating encounters that keep their interest. Our center offers open playtime, and curriculum’s that are designed for each of the classrooms. Every child is provided with a caring, loving, and safe environment for them to explore the world around them as they learn more about themselves.

No child will be discriminated against because of race, color, ethnicity, religion, or sex.

Communication Is Key At Magical Star Preschool

We know that there is no one who knows your child as much as you do. We also understand and encourage our parents to talk with us about their child’s progress or any suggestions they might have. We want you to know that your child is being given the best care possible and that each of your concerns are addressed. The Director of Magical Star Preschool encourages you to communicate with us to ensure that these needs are being met. Our goal is give your children and you experiences that are positive and help bring about happier and healthier families.

Wisdom Begins With Wonder at Magical Star Preschool!

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Magical Star Preschool Nutritional Foods

Nutritional foods and friendly faces at Magical Star Preschool!

Fun with Learning at Magical Star Preschool

Fun with Learning begins with Magical Star Preschool