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Pro Tips for Calming Your Child’s Anxiety and Worries

Every parent will have to deal with separation anxiety at some point or another. Leaving your child with a caregiver or at school can be a difficult time. Your child will likely want to stay with you, and then, to compound things, you feel guilty about dropping them off. In fact, with some children, this […]

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How You Can Make Your Children More Resilient

It’s been nearly a year since the COVID-19 pandemic hit the United States and began affecting just about every area of our lives. In these difficult times, children and adults alike have had to be more resilient than ever to adapt to unusual day-to-day circumstances. Children are far more resilient than one might expect, especially […]

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Correct “Bad” Behaviors with These Five Tips

“Bad” behavior is often defined by and dependent on societal norms, but regardless, it can often be disruptive and stressful to children, parents and teachers alike. Positive parenting works to make doing the right thing easy and encourage productive child behaviors in Phoenix, AZ. If you are looking to encourage better habits and behavior, here […]

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