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How to Choose the Best Day Care Facility for Your Family

Sending your child off to daycare is a big step for both you and them. In addition to ensuring that they’re ready to spend time away from you every day, you need to find a facility that works for your child. When you take the time to research childcare centers in Phoenix, AZ, your child […]

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Ways to Ease Childcare Anxiety

Every child goes through a phase—sometimes multiple phases—where they just can’t stand to see Mom or Dad drop them off with a childcare provider. It’s hard enough to see your kid in distress, but it also makes it a lot more difficult to let them go so you can head off to work. Daycare and […]

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Building an Effective Partnership with Your Child Care Provider

Building and maintaining a partnership with your child care center is an important element in early childhood education in Phoenix, AZ. The center of this partnership is communication. You need to stay engaged and maintain dialogue with your child’s care provider and teachers. Here are six tips on building this partnership: Learn preferred contact methods: […]

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