Ways to Ease Childcare Anxiety

Every child goes through a phase—sometimes multiple phases—where they just can’t stand to see Mom or Dad drop them off with a childcare provider. It’s hard enough to see your kid in distress, but it also makes it a lot more difficult to let them go so you can head off to work.

Daycare and childcare anxiety are common in Phoenix, AZ. If your child is having a tough time letting you walk out the door, here are a few tips to make it easier on you both:

  • Practice makes perfect: Taking a tour of your new facility and letting your child meet their care providers will go a long way toward quelling any anxiety. They’ll get to explore their new surroundings with their parents close at hand, and you can get to know their teachers. If your child still struggles, ask the teachers for help coming up with solutions.
  • Keep a positive attitude: Even if it kills you, don’t let your kid know that leaving them behind is hard for you, too. A cheerful attitude, a hug and the reassurance that you’ll see them later is a cue for them—namely, that they have nothing to worry about. Don’t sneak out without saying goodbye, however, even if you’re worried that they’ll throw the mother of all tantrums. It can be extremely upsetting for kids to feel like they’ve been abandoned.
  • Let them keep a token of yours: Remember the days when your mom used to leave notes in your lunchbox? They reminded you that someone was thinking about you. You can do the same thing with your child, whether you send them to daycare with a note (assuming they can read), or let them take one of your possessions with them. Whether it’s a scarf, a tie or a piece of costume jewelry, sometimes having a physical reminder of Mom or Dad makes kids feel more comfortable.
  • Keep a routine: Routines help give children structure, so if your kid is suddenly bursting into tears when you drop them off, consider making them a chart of what happens before they get dropped off. This could include brushing teeth, getting dressed and making the bed, for example. If anything is going to be different about their day, explain it ahead of time so they’re comfortable.
  • Make a photo album: We look at photos of people we miss for comfort, and it’s no different for your kids. Consider making a small photo album for them, with photos of you, siblings, pets, their rooms and any other people, animals or objects that they enjoy looking at. Plus, they will have fun showing their new friends.
  • Just do it: Ultimately, your kid is going to have to get used to going to daycare in Phoenix, AZ—so no matter how distressed they are, you have to say goodbye, get in your car and let them go. They’ll always be better off in the long run.

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