7 Signs of a Poor Child Care Facility

As a loving parent, you must ensure your child’s daycare center is reputable. Your kids deserve to be safe, and you deserve to have absolute peace of mind when leaving them with other people. These are seven signs to move your children’s daycare to another place:

1. Negative Reviews

One surefire sign of a poor daycare is a healthy list of negative reviews. Parents will not hesitate to comment on a daycare center that gave their children a poor experience. Thus, you should think twice about sending your child to such a center. It’s a wise practice to read reviews before sending your kids to a new facility. However, there is always time to read the latest information about a place you’re already sending them to.  

2. High Employee Turnover

High turnover is usually bad for any establishment, not just childcare centers. However, this quality should be a red flag because it means the workers don’t feel their employer treats them well. Mistreatment can be anything from low wages to being forced to treat children unkindly. 

3. No Licensing or Credentials

A reputable daycare center should have state licensing and accreditation from a respectable entity. You might have your little ones in the wrong place if your children’s daycare center can’t produce either item. Don’t hesitate to request a copy of your facility’s licensing certificate or ask if they are accredited. You may want to reconsider your child’s primary care provider if you don’t receive a good answer. 

4. Unkempt Premises

A reliable daycare center should be clean at all times. You should never feel disgusted by the condition of the premises when you visit, nor should you wonder if your children will get sick from being there. Consider switching providers if any of those feelings arise after a visit to the daycare center. The facility you take your children to should give you a sense of wellness about their overall health; anything opposite of that is a reason for concern. 

5. Unhappy Children

Another sign of a poor daycare center is unhappy children. You might notice when you visit the daycare center that all the children who go to it have long, unhappy faces. You might also notice that your children don’t want to visit the facility. They may even tell you they don’t want to go. Do not ignore your kids if they say they don’t want to go, as the statement should concern you. It usually means something unusual is happening, causing your children distress. 

6. No Developmental Activities

An experience at a reputable childcare facility should enrich your children’s intelligence or give them new or improved skills. The place you send them to may not be that effective if they aren’t doing any developmental activities. 

7. Behavioral Issues Develop

You might also be sending your kids to a poor facility if you notice sudden behavioral changes that aren’t good. The facility could be to blame if your children didn’t have these behaviors before. 

You should now know how to spot a bad daycare rather quickly. Use this information to make the safest and most well-informed decisions for your children’s future. Do not hesitate to remove them from a facility that you feel is unsafe or harmful. They will appreciate that you cared for them that way when they get older. 

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