How to Choose the Best Day Care Facility for Your Family

Sending your child off to daycare is a big step for both you and them. In addition to ensuring that they’re ready to spend time away from you every day, you need to find a facility that works for your child. When you take the time to research childcare centers in Phoenix, AZ, your child is more likely to benefit from the socialization, education and structure that daycare provides. Here’s what to consider when you’re getting ready to choose a child care facility.

The basic questions

Before you start researching facilities, there are a few factors to think about. First, how old is your child, and how independent are they? Many childcare centers will take infants through elementary school children, but their programs will vary by age.

What are you hoping to get out of daycare: education, socialization, routine? Which is the most important to your family? How often do you expect to send your child to daycare—every day, weekdays or another kind of schedule?

Finally, what is your budget? Do you expect to have trained educational professionals caring for your children, or are you simply looking for skilled childcare? Answering these questions will help you get a sense of your basic needs.

How to research a daycare

There are plenty of ways to find daycare programs in Phoenix, AZ, from Google to word-of-mouth referrals. Once you’ve located a few promising facilities, you can start interviewing them. First, screen them over the phone for basic needs like cost, accreditation and licensing, hours available, enrollment requirements and more.

When you’ve screened a few promising places, you should arrange to visit the facility in person. Talk to as many of the providers as you can—and trust your gut. If a childcare program gives you a bad feeling for any reason, move on to the next one.

Finally, get references from other clients and check them. Most parents will be happy to tell you about their experiences—good or bad. You can also Google online reviews and testimonials, or check with your state regulatory agency to screen for problems.

Questions to ask each facility

  • Qualifications. Obviously, you want your childcare providers to be licensed and accredited. They should also know CPR and other emergency protocol.
  • Cost and schedule. Sometimes the fees and schedule can help narrow down your list right off the bat.
  • Waiting lists. Daycares often have waiting lists. If they have one, ask how long they expect it will be until your child can get care.
  • Group size. How many kids will they care for at one time?
  • Security and parental involvement. Who can pick up your child? How do they screen visitors? Are parents allowed to be involved?
  • Vaccinations. Do they require vaccinations for children and staff?
  • Food. What will they feed your child? Do they have allergy protocol in place?

Doing your research will guarantee you a better daycare experience. To learn more about Magical Star Preschool, call us today.

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