Is Your Child Ready for Preschool?

As your child grows from an infant into a tiny person, they have different needs—including education and socialization. Many parents start considering preschool enrollment in Phoenix, AZ for their toddler, especially if they need childcare during work hours. But how do you know whether your child is ready?

Just because they’re in the two and a half to three-year-old range—the time most children start preschool—doesn’t necessarily mean they’re able to cope with the new setting. Every child is different. To determine whether your kid is ready to take on preschool, ask the following questions.

  • How independent is my child? Parents often focus so much on their need for their child to attend preschool that they forget that their small human is also coping with a big transition. As children mature, they are able to handle things like going to the bathroom, washing their hands, eating their own food and sleeping by themselves. Most daycares and preschools require your child to at least be potty trained, but it’s worth considering whether they can handle these other basic tasks on their own. Is your kid capable of telling others what they need? These are all extremely important skills they need before heading out into preschool.
  • Does my child work on their own projects? Can your child entertain themselves (with toys, books, puzzles or art supplies) on their own? Many preschool activities require children to work on projects themselves. If your child is still in the “ask for help with everything” phase, start creating structured independent time at home. Set them up with an activity to incrementally increase their solo playtime.
  • Do they have separation anxiety? This is a big one for a lot of children: is your child used to spending time away from you? Do they melt down when you step out the door for date night, or are they secure in knowing you’ll come back for them in a few hours? Get them ready for preschool by testing the waters with grandparents, aunts and uncles or babysitters.
  • Is your child on a regular schedule? Preschools thrive on routine. If this is going to be your child’s first experience with a regular schedule (such as playtime, snack, group activity, lunch and nap), it can help to make your home environment a little more structured. Try scheduling naps, meals and snacks at regular times, and add a daily activity (such as a walk) if you are able.
  • Does your child play well with others? For many children, preschool programs in Phoenix, AZ are the first time they really interact with a large group of children. If they’re not skilled at waiting their turn, listening to others and sitting still, they might not be ready for preschool. Try to take advantage of group activities geared toward children, like library story time, to prepare them.

Magical Star Preschool offers childcare and preschool enrollment in Phoenix, AZ. Call us today to find out whether your child is ready for preschool.

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