Why Is Day Care Good for Your Child?

We all want the best for our children—of that, there is no doubt. As they enter those crucial impressionable years just before kindergarten, the question becomes how they should spend their time. Ideally, you could keep them home all day, but that’s impractical for most families in the United States. Some resort to a babysitter, but hiring someone to look after your kids while you work is often too expensive. Instead, you need to find a place that allows your child to grow and prepare for their first day of kindergarten. It’s time to think about finding a qualified day care center in Phoenix, AZ. Here’s why.

Academic advancement

The world is getting smarter every day, and your child needs to learn to compete in that environment. Day care can help your kid get a start on fundamental educational steps that will put them well ahead of the curve when it comes time for them to enter kindergarten.

Improve behavior

Let’s face it—the transition from home life to the real world can be pretty jarring. Many kids respond to an abrupt change between home and the regimented routine of a kindergarten classroom by being disruptive. When you enroll your child in day care, you offer them a gentler transition surrounded by people equipped to handle kids who may be having issues with the change in environment.

Teach them to follow schedules

When they’re at home, your children are often allowed to dictate their daily schedules. Sure, they might have a bedtime or regularly scheduled meals, but in the chasm of hours in between, your kids get to spend their time relatively freely. That’s not how things work in school. Children need to learn to get up on time, spend a certain amount of time on activities throughout the day and generally develop a routine.

Learning how to follow a schedule at a day care center in Phoenix, AZ can be a fantastic transition to the routine of daily school.

Improve communication skills

Is your child shy? Are they having some trouble developing their language skills? Attending preschool allows your child to interact with both adults and peers to develop the communication skills that will be critical in their later life. Day care can also normalize interaction with the outside world, teaching more withdrawn children that day-to-day socialization isn’t something to avoid.

The right choice for your family

Looking for a place that will help your child’s development as they enter their school years in Phoenix, AZ? Come to Magical Star Preschool. Since we opened our doors 30 years ago, we have committed ourselves to teaching all of the children in our charge to love learning and contributing to a community. We believe the earlier a child begins their education, the better-equipped they’ll be to live a productive, happy life.

We’re proud to care for children from the age of six weeks all the way up to 12 years old. We can also provide delicious, filling meals and snacks that will keep your children nourished while you’re working the day away. Learn what Magical Star Preschool can do for your family by giving us a call today.

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