The Importance of Sharing Holidays You Don’t Celebrate in Preschool

Depending on your culture, religion and social circle, you probably celebrate at least some holidays, but very few families celebrate them all. However, there’s a lot to be gained from exposing your children to holidays from other cultures, even if you don’t celebrate them at home. Here’s why your child’s preschool activities during the holidays might include different holidays than you’re used to in Phoenix, AZ.

Holidays can teach us similarities between social groups

Most of our holidays revolve around traditions, whether that’s gathering for a meal on Thanksgiving or fasting during Ramadan. Although the origins and specific practices might be different, many of the core tenets and celebrations are similar. For example, many holidays promote getting together with your family. In fact, several of the winter holidays have a special focus on children, which can be tied into lessons about family and expressing love. Similarly, gift-giving is also a way different cultures use to show love and appreciation. Encourage your children to find similarities between how different holidays are celebrated.

Learning about different holidays promotes understanding

Your kids are information sponges, but they might not always ask questions about why other people do things a different way. Talking to kids about different holidays exposes them to other cultures and promotes understanding. For example, many schools have days where children are invited to bring food, clothing or other objects from their family’s heritage, so children can learn how things are done in different households.

As parents, you can foster understanding by encouraging your children to ask questions, and look up the answers if you don’t know them yourself. Taking your kids to cultural events and talking to people who celebrate different holidays are excellent ways to show them the diversity of celebrations.

Children’s books are a good way to learn about holidays

Finally, teachers and parents alike can use children’s books to learn about different holidays. For example, many picture books are available that distill the essence of each celebration down to easily understandable themes and ideas. As a parent, this also gives you the opportunity to explain to your kids why you celebrate the holidays you do, and what they mean to your family.

Promote the idea of bringing people together

One of the best parts about any holiday is that it brings people together to celebrate something bigger than themselves. Even national holidays like Independence Day offer an opportunity to teach kids about traditions, celebrations and the reasons behind them. Treat each special occasion as an opportunity for learning, and your child will grow up with a healthy appreciation for what unites us across cultures, religions and experiences.

Whether your child is attending preschool during the holidays or you’re looking for preschool activities to do at home in Phoenix, AZ, these suggestions can help them gain a well-rounded view of the world.

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