What to Look for in Infant Daycare

When you’re choosing a daycare center for your infant, you may not know exactly what to look for. While many daycares seem to say the right things, you wonder if they will be able to provide the kind of supportive care your baby needs to properly develop. Let’s look at the main things you should be searching for in an infant daycare center in Phoenix, AZ.

Finding the right daycare for your child

It’s best to do your research and then contact a few daycare centers you think could be a good fit. Consider writing down your questions before contacting the childcare facility, so you don’t forget anything. Here are some key things to ask about:

  • Qualifications of staff, including certifications and years of experience
  • The ratio of infants to providers
  • What an average day is like
  • Licensing and qualifications for the center

If possible, take a tour of the daycare center. You want a safe and clean place for your infant to learn and explore. The daycare center’s space should be completely babyproof and contain age-appropriate toys and books.

In terms of the ratio of children to providers, experts say that it’s ideal to have no more than four babies per adult caregiver. Eight babies per caregiver is considered the absolute maximum. It’s vital for children younger than 18 months to establish a secure attachment with all their caregivers. This is established through meeting the baby’s basic needs for food and comfort quickly and consistently.

Qualities of good childcare centers

You’ll want to look for an infant daycare center in Phoenix, AZ with a team of caregivers who are sensitive to each baby’s needs. This is a vital time for language development, and the staff of the center should talk to the infants and encourage expression.

You may be concerned about sending your infant to daycare—will your child continue developing well if they’re outside the home? The answer is that they will. One study found that young children in childcare centers with high levels of emotional and behavioral support demonstrated higher social competence a year later. This positive outcome occurred regardless of how much time the children spent in daycare.

There are a range of benefits associated with sending infants to daycare as opposed to coming up with alternative arrangements, such as in-home childcare. For example, the facility will remain open even if an individual teacher is sick. Your child will interact with a wide variety of other children from different backgrounds. Plus, they’ll learn about routines and schedules, which will better prepare them for school.

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