Ways to Encourage Early Communication Skills in Your Baby

Communicating with a baby may not always be the easiest. Every parent has had that moment where they think—or say out loud—“Why can’t you just tell me what you want?!” It’s important to remember that even though your baby can’t express what they’re thinking through language, they are still attempting to communicate with you. Let’s look at how to encourage baby development through communication.

Talk to your baby

You might think that speaking to your infant is a fruitless exercise. However, talking to them is a key part of building baby communication skills. By doing so, you expose them to basic vocabulary and conversation skills. Building this foundation early on is so important. Before you know it, your child will begin to understand what you mean and start recognizing certain words. This all happens long before they’re able to talk.

Teach sign language to your baby

Many parents now teach their infant some basic signs for communication. This develops motor skills and coordination early, contributing to baby development. And it has immediate practical benefits, as you can more immediately find out what your child wants. This is a great alternative for communication before the child has developed speech.

Communicate at their level

You may feel silly making baby sounds, but get used to it! Repeating a baby’s noises back to them reinforces the idea that you’re communicating with them. As they grow, your baby will learn how to say basic words. Exaggerate how you speak, and allow your baby to see your mouth as you say the words. This will help with pronunciation.

Read to your baby

It’s never too early to begin reading to your baby. Pretty soon, they’ll be able to associate words with pictures in the books you read to them. Then they’ll begin to memorize the words in their favorite books. Reading to your child is critical for developing their vocabulary and memory. While screens are prevalent these days, nothing can replace the connection of a parent reading to their child. Studies have shown that children whose parents consistently read to them have a wide range of positive development outcomes.

Sing songs to your baby

Children love music, and taking time out of your day to sing to them—or with them—can be a wonderful bonding experience. Once the child is toddling around, you can add dance to your singing routine as well. Your kid is bound to have fun while learning new words and forming rhyming associations. This is also a great way to bring a bit of physical activity into your day.

Nurturing baby communication skills is the fun first step in your child’s development. If you want a childcare experience that’s specifically designed to enhance your child’s emotional, intellectual, social and physical well-being, then turn to Magical Star Preschool. We serve infants to school-age children, offering an immersive learning experience with activities correlated to their schedules at home. Contact us today for enrollment information or to speak with us about our curriculum.

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