Choosing the Right Phoenix Preschool for Your Family

As parents, we want to both prepare our young children for the rigors of school while also preserving the magic of childhood. It’s a difficult balance to strike. You want your preschooler to learn their ABCs while also being in a caring, warm environment. This is why you’ll want to take time to research infant care centers and preschools in your area, and do a few tours—this is an important decision, as your child will be spending plenty of time at school.

If you’re wondering about preschool enrollment and unsure of what you need to be looking for, here’s how to find a childcare center that meets your child’s needs.

The right classroom spaces

Your first impressions of what the space looks like are important in making your decision. You’re looking for a place where student expression and ownership is encouraged. Student artwork and projects should be displayed prominently, along with photos of the kids either enjoying school or at home.

Plenty of toys and learning materials should be present as well. Your child is an emerging reader at this point, so labels on objects are important to build those skills. Students may also be asked to put toys away when they’re done playing with them, giving them more ownership over the space.

Learning through play

Play-based curriculum is popular among preschools these days for good reason. Studies have demonstrated that children learn so much through play and hands-on experiences. What you want to avoid is preschools that rely heavily on screens or frequently use worksheets. Children at this age should be active and engaged in play as much as possible.

Behavior management

Each parent has their own expectations for behavior and their own style of discipline. You want to find a preschool that’s relatively close to your own philosophy. A childcare center that encourages positive behavior and provides logical, nonpunitive consequences for negative behavior can be a supportive force in your child’s life. Discuss with the staff and teachers how they approach fostering positive behavior in their students.

Teachers serving as guides

You can get a fairly immediate sense of how involved the teachers are through a visit to a preschool. You’re looking for active teachers who are monitoring students and providing input on your child’s learning. What you don’t want is a teacher who is hesitant to interact with students or, conversely, micromanages student behavior.

You also want the right balance of students to teachers. If a teacher seems overwhelmed by the number of kids in their care, this would be a red flag.

Are you looking for the ideal place for preschool enrollment or infant care? Magical Star Preschool is a family-oriented childcare center with a loving staff and teachers. We make sure to keep our environment safe for all children between the ages of six weeks to 12 years. Our learning curricula are designed to encourage development while also preparing students of all ages for public school. Contact us today to learn more, or stop by the preschool for a tour!

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