Easy Crafts for Kids: Spooky Edition

Halloween is almost here, and that opens up a whole new world of crafting possibilities. When you want to keep your children entertained, these easy Halloween arts and crafts are a great way to occupy toddlers. They’ll enjoy making something to display at home, and you’ll love the happy memories.

Here are some of our favorite Halloween craft ideas for the early years:

  • Make a wreath from paper masks: Remember the paper masks you used to cut out and color as a kid? Whether you still have some lying around or you have the kids print and color their own, they make a nice wreath. Get a flat wreath form from a craft store, or cut one from thick, sturdy cardboard. Then use craft glue to attach the masks to the wreath form. This is a good project for children to do with relatively little supervision, as long as you spread out some newspaper or a plastic tablecloth first.
  • Candy wreath: This requires adult supervision, since you’ll need a glue gun. However, your little ones can help you create a design and tell you where to glue each piece. All you need is some decoratively wrapped candy, a wreath form and a glue gun. Glue the candy to the wreath form, making sure not to leave any “blank” spots. Finish off with ribbon for hanging, or any other decorative accoutrement.
  • Paper bag monster puppets: Whether you have plain brown lunch sacks or brightly-colored decorative ones, paper bag monster puppets are a fun Halloween craft idea for all ages. Kids can glue faces and other items on the bag, color them or add glitter and googly eyes. They’re only limited by their imagination.
  • Candy corn party hats: These candy corn party hats make use of small traffic cones and headbands for a festive look. With your help, your kids can create the seasonal chapeau of their dreams.
  • Fluffy ghosts: Create white posterboard ghost-shaped cutouts, and black construction paper cutouts for eyes, mouths and noses. Then hand your kids cotton balls and Elmer’s glue so they can create their own fluffy cotton ghosts. Have them glue cotton balls to fill the ghost shape, then add faces.
  • Handprint spiders: Have your kids trace their hands on construction paper, then cut them out. These will be the spider’s “legs.” Glue them on either side of a round black construction paper “body,” and let them add googly eyes and other décor as they see fit.
  • Cotton swab skeletons: Grab some cotton swabs, black construction paper and skeleton face stickers. Show your kids how to arrange and glue the swabs to look like bones, then add the skeleton face sticker.
  • Pumpkin painting: If the kids are too young to carve pumpkins, allowing them to paint with tempera is a fun and festive alternative. Just make sure they’re wearing old clothes, and there’s newspaper around to keep surfaces protected.

Magical Star Preschool loves using easy Halloween arts and crafts to teach toddlers motor skills. Call us today to learn more about our classes and other programs.

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