Need Help Preparing Your Toddler for the Cold? Here’s What to Do

Are you getting ready to take the kids on a holiday trip? Besides the challenges with airport crowds and remembering all their favorite toys, don’t forget that you may need to dress them differently than you do at home. Getting young children to put on winter hats, coats and gloves—and keep them on—is always a challenge. Here are our leading winter dressing tips for your kids.

Keep it comfy

No child is going to keep that itchy wool sweater on. There’s no reason to fight it. Instead, make sure your kids’ winter wear is made of comfortable material. If your child is old enough to communicate, they will definitely make it known which pieces of clothing they prefer.

Luckily, winter toddler care these days is much easier than in the past. It’s easy to find soft fleece pants and cozy sweatshirts that your kid will love snuggling up in.

Not too many layers

Once the thermometer begins dropping, resist the temptation to wrap your little one in layer after layer of clothing. Unless it’s truly freezing out, you don’t need to bust out thick socks and bulky parkas. Usually a short sleeve shirt topped by a long sleeve shirt and a standard winter jacket should do the trick.

Be picky about snowsuits

Are you planning on doing some sledding or snowman building? This can be such a thrill, especially for children who’ve never seen or played in the snow before. But picking the right snowsuit for your toddler can be tricky. You want a wind- and water-resistant shell made of nylon, and you want one that’s relatively easy to put on and take off—zippers that go all the way down to the knee are ideal. (You don’t want to be struggling with a zipper when it’s time for a potty break or a diaper change!)

Find the right winter hat

No matter what kind of hat you get, your child is likely to throw it on the ground, especially if they’re not use to wearing it. That said, you lose most of your body heat through your head. (Yes, your parents were right about that!) So, do everything you can to find a soft, comfortable, warm winter hat that your toddler will tolerate.

Stick with mittens—not gloves

Ever try to put each of a toddler’s fingers into a glove? Now is not the time to start. Skip that and choose a good pair of mittens instead. You’ll have enough of a challenge getting their thumb in the right place. Mittens are also warmer, as the four fingers of each hand will produce body heat and stay closer to each other. If you’re afraid your child will lose their mittens, consider getting a clip so they can be easily attached to their snowsuit.

We hope you found these winter dressing tips for your toddler helpful. At Magical Star Preschool, we’re here to provide a supportive learning environment for all children. Our curriculum is designed to support children’s emotional, social and intellectual development. Contact us now to find out how to enroll and speak with us about everything we can offer your child.

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