Are Cloth Diapers Worth It?

Many parents now are seeking environmentally-friendly alternatives to diapers. These reusable, sustainable substitutes are favored by parents who are looking to minimize their carbon footprint. They also can save you money over the long run, as you won’t have to be continually buying disposable diapers; however, cloth diapers do involve considerably more work than traditional diapers.

Here are our leading tips for eco-friendly diapers.

Are cloth diapers really better for the environment?

Yes, but there are some caveats. Research has shown that you need to use cloth diapers in the optimal way to get a better environmental result. For example, it’s better to allow the diapers to stack up and then do a full wash of them than to do a half wash. You should also hang dry them rather than put them in the dryer.

Reusing the diapers on a second child is also recommended. You should look for diapers made from bamboo as well—some are made out of cotton, which is a crop known for needing high levels of water to thrive.

Different types of cloth diapers

There are several different types of cloth diapers that you can choose from, including:

  • All-in-one diapers: These are similar to disposable diapers in that they’re very simple. You have a waterproof cover along with a highly-absorbent material like microfleece that’s sewn into it. On the other hand, these can be rather expensive.
  • Pocket diapers: These are another relatively simple form that requires a bit more work than all in ones. They’re made with waterproof covers, but the insides are less bulky and there’s a stitched-in pouch where the washable insert is slipped into.
  • Fitted diapers: Fitted diapers come with two separate parts: the cover and the cloth. That means you’ll have two items to wash, though covers are washed less frequently than inserts. These are less expensive than some other cloth diapers but require a bit more work.
  • Flats and pre-fold diapers: Here are some options that are inexpensive but complicated. A flat diaper requires that you fold it into the shaper of a diaper. Pre-folds require a waterproof cover.

How many cloth diapers should you buy?

Start with a minimum of 24 diapers and, if you’re not using all in ones, six covers as well. This should cover about two or three days of usage. Young infants will use more diapers than older babies. How much you choose to stock is partly based on budget and how much time you want to spend doing laundry.

Cleaning cloth diapers

Cleaning cloth diapers differs depending on what kind of diaper you get. You may need to remove poop from the diaper before putting it in the washing machine and doing a hot water wash. Be sure to get cleaning instructions for your diapers when you purchase them.

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