How To Help Your Kids Keep Cool as It Gets Warmer

Summers in Arizona can be extremely hot and dry, with temperatures reaching 120 degrees. Children and babies are the most affected as they are more sensitive to heat. Keeping kids cool in the sun can be a challenge but immensely important as they are sensitive to heat. If your child struggles to keep themselves cool during the hot weather, there are several things you can do to help them stay comfortable. Here’s how to keep cool on a hot day:

Chill Rooms Before Putting Them to Bed

Be prepared to keep your children’s bedroom cool one or two hours before bedtime. Use blinds and light-colored curtains and keep windows closed during the day and open them slightly at night when the sun goes down. If you’re cooling the room using an air conditioner, turn it on 30 minutes before bedtime. You can set it to automatically turn off and on periodically throughout the night.

Keep Them Hydrated

The best way to keep your kids cool is to ensure they’re adequately hydrated all day and night. Let them drink plenty of water and other fluids, like fresh juice, soups, and yogurt. Avoid giving them sugary drinks that can cause dehydration. Children can be extremely active during summer, meaning they can sweat and get thirstier than usual. Provide clean, fresh water for drinking throughout the day and keep a bottle or two to drink at night.

Avoid Direct Sunlight

It’s almost impossible to keep your children indoors during sunny days. However, you don’t want to expose them to direct sunlight as it can be hazardous to their skin. If your outdoor space doesn’t have trees for shade, consider finding it in the woods or parks. Trees help block plenty of sunlight, keeping the air cool. Summer offers an excellent opportunity to hike. You can take advantage of the warm but cool weather to hike with your kids.

Invest in Proper Clothing

Dress your kids in light-colored, loose-fitting clothing — the lighter and more colorful, the better. Colorful clothes help reflect light, while dark clothes retain heat. If you stay outdoors for long hours, invest in clothing designed to block UV rays. A hat and sunglasses can also help keep your child cool while protecting their eyes from harmful rays.

Allow Them To Play in the Water

You don’t need to own a swimming pool to cool your kids in the water. You can turn on sprinklers and allow your children to have a water fight as they water the garden. Once in a while, fill the bathroom tub with cold water and let your kids soak in it for several hours. Supervise and keep your eyes on them to avoid accidents. You can set up a baby pool in the backyard for younger children.

Use Portable Fans

You can also buy rechargeable fans to cool your kids when moving to places without air conditioning, like the beach. Don’t use portable fans around two and three-year-olds as they’re likely to touch the blades when the device is operating. If you have a two or three-year-old, make sure to place the fan out of reach.

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