10 Tips for a Successful First Day of School

Whether you are a rookie teacher or have years of experience, the first day of school is always a little nerve-wracking. You want everything to go smoothly and for your students to have a great first impression of you and their new classroom. Here are 10 back to school tips to help make sure your first day (and the rest of the school year!) is successful:

1. Get to know your students. Before the year starts, reach out to your student and his family to understand his individual needs and interests. This will help you build a rapport with your student from the very beginning.

2. Set realistic expectations. On the first day of school, let your students know what you expect from them in terms of behavior and work ethic. By setting clear expectations from the start, you will minimize behavioral issues throughout the year. Always start firm and soften as the year goes on.

3. Get organized. This one is crucial! Spend some time before the first day of school organizing your materials and your classroom so that everything has a place. This will help you stay calm and collected when things get hectic throughout the year.

4. Make a good first impression. First impressions are important, so take some time to ensure you are well-groomed and professional looking on the first day of school. Your students will take their cue from you, so if you look calm and collected they are more likely to be as well.

5. Use a seating chart. It’s important to create boundaries with students and keep them in assigned seating when you start the year.

6. Be prepared. This goes along with being organized – make sure you are prepared. Quality lesson plans will help the year start without a hitch.

7. Be flexible. As much as you may plan and prepare, there will always be unforeseen events and challenges that arise throughout the year. Try to go with the flow and be flexible when things don’t go according to schedule, especially on the first day.

8. Keep things positive. A positive attitude is contagious, so make sure you start the year off on a positive note. Compliment your students often and be encouraging to help create a positive classroom environment.

9. Be patient. Rome wasn’t built in a day and neither is a successful classroom community. It takes time for students to adapt to your teaching style and routine. The first day is going to be chaotic.

10. Use some quality icebreakers. On the first day (and throughout the year) use icebreakers to help your students get to know each other and feel comfortable in the classroom.

By following these tips for returning to school, you can set yourself up for a successful first day of school and a great year overall!

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