Infant Care Tips during Flu Season

We love our kids, and we want them to be happy and healthy. This can be difficult for kids of all ages, but especially for infants that cannot take care of themselves. There are some things that you can do to help advocate for your infant and help keep them healthy this flu season.

How To Protect Your Baby or Toddler From Illness This Flu Season

Flu is one of the number one causes of illness and hospitalization in children in the United States. Though we live in an advanced society, our kids can still get ill and can end up being hospitalized if they get sick with the flu. The first and easiest way to protect your child and yourself from the flu is to get a yearly flu vaccination. They make flu vaccinations that are safe for children as young as 6 months old.

Getting your child and yourself vaccinated can help prevent the flu and can help to lessen symptoms if your baby or toddler gets the flu. If you have a caregiver that comes to your home to care for your child, you should also ask them to get vaccinated.

Another way to protect your child is to keep them away from other people if you know they are ill. We love visiting family, but if you know that someone is either currently ill or has been ill, keep your child away from them until they are fully recovered. You should also avoid unnecessary trips out or to public spaces like stores and crowded spaces if you can as well during peak illness season.

What To Do If Your Child Gets Sick 

The first thing that you need to do if your baby has the flu is to visit their normal healthcare provider. This goes for children of all ages. Early detection can help you to be alert and to manage symptoms better to ensure that your child gets well sooner. You can even get medication like Tamiflu for the flu, which can help lessen the symptoms if your toddler has the flu.

It is always best to ensure you are getting regular checkups for your child. Ensure your child is well and that if there are any warning signs, you catch them early on. Our children cannot take care of themselves. Taking proper care and precautions can help keep your child safe this flu season.

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