Importance of Parent and Teacher Communication

The importance of parent and teacher communication cannot be stressed enough. For a child to succeed well in school, it often requires a team effort from the teaching staff and the parents of the student involved. It’s easier to communicate between both sides if you know a few basic tips to make this happen. 

You may ask yourself, "What are the best ways to get in touch with my child’s teacher?" Likewise, a teacher may ask themselves, "How to get in touch with my student’s parent?" Let’s discuss how this communication process can work for both parties involved.

Initial Contact

During a new school year, it’s advantageous for a teacher to reach out to the parents of each student in the classroom. This might happen via a phone call to the parents, an email, or a letter that can be mailed. A simple, friendly introduction and an offer to answer any questions from the parent or parents is the first step to opening the lines of communication about the student.

Communication About Expectations and Goals

It’s important for the teacher to communicate the classroom rules, guidelines, and lesson information to the parents. Parents may also want to ask questions of the teacher about rules, behavior, and any special needs that their child might have. Once parents and teachers have communicated expectations and guidelines and answered each other’s questions, a relationship forms. This makes it easier to discuss their student at any point during the time they’re in the classroom.

Status Reports and Follow Through

As the year progresses, it’s important for the teacher to update the parents. Giving them a rundown of new developments and opportunities for their child to improve in certain areas is essential for building the growth and confidence of their child. It’s also nice to hear about the things the student is adept at and excelling in. Every parent loves to hear how well their student is doing, especially if it is an unexpected phone call, email, or letter that conveys a positive message and affirmation about their child.

Communication Is a Two-Way Street For a Child’s Success and Growth

When a teacher and a student’s parents work together to improve a child’s education, the process can move forward in a smoother, more effective way. Teaching your child the importance of a relationship between you and the teacher they see five times a week better prepares them for later student-teacher relationships in the future.

Show them that learning can be fun and that communication is a very important step between adults. They will be better prepared to communicate themselves, as they get older with their future teachers and professors, should they move on to higher education. 


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