5 Signs You Picked An Excellent Preschool

Kids,drawing,on,floor,on,paper.,preschool,boy,and,girl5 Signs You Picked An Excellent Preschool

If you’re a parent of young kids, you probably know how important it is to find a good preschool for them. But it can be difficult to know if a school is the best fit for your child. Fortunately, there are some signs you can look for to help you determine whether a preschool is a good fit!

1. The Environment Is Clean

A clean, organized and well-maintained environment is a must have in any preschool. The teachers, staff and kids all need a safe space to learn, play and grow. A good preschool is constantly cleaning and disinfecting surfaces, minimizing waste and making sure chemicals are out of reach for little hands.  Look for signs of an environmentally friendly school, such as a recycling bins in the front and back yard, or a centralized composting system. A preschool with a green initiative will be more likely to share its best practices with parents and students.

2. Teachers Are Friendly

You want to see teachers who are engaging with kids at their eye level. They aren’t just hovering or chatting — they’re helping them solve problems (“He hit me!”), guiding them to be more independent and drawing them out of their shells. In addition, you want to find teachers who are friendly and supportive. They don’t yell at the children or make them feel bad for doing things they shouldn’t.

3. Kids Are Well-Behaved

The best way to discipline your child is through positive reinforcement, clear communication and a loving relationship. This includes using family rules, consequences for bad behavior and praise for good behaviors. Often, we take children’s good behavior for granted and fail to give them the kudos they deserve. Seeing their parents reward them for good behavior is a huge motivator to behave well for the people they love. Similarly, you should look for preschools that have flexible schedules to accommodate working parents and their busy lives. A preschool that lets parents pick up their kids at a convenient time is an important factor in reducing stress and making your child’s experience positive.

4. Flexible Schedule

A well-maintained preschool schedule ensures that children have the time they need to participate in a variety of activities, and it also allows teachers to move through each day’s plans without disrupting students. A flexible schedule can be especially helpful during the first few weeks of school. Some groups of children may need more time to drop off and get ready for class, while others may be hungry long before snack. However, it’s important to have a consistent schedule that children know they can count on each and every day. That way, they feel more secure and can minimize behavior problems.

5. Toys Are Well-Maintained

Toys can be a source of illness and germs in an environment, so it’s important that they are cleaned regularly. When toys are frequently touched by children, the germs present can be transferred to other hands and mouths. This is why it’s important to make sure that your child’s toys are well-maintained in a preschool. Keeping the toys clean can help prevent the spread of illnesses and infections that could be spreading through other kids in the classroom. A good preschool will have lots of toys that are not only safe for your child, but also encourage active play. Look for toys that encourage children to move their bodies, and that engage them in areas like hand-eye coordination, balance and core stability, among others!

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