Benefits of After-School Programs

The ages between five and 12 can be tricky for kids. They’re entering a new world of education and taking their first steps toward independence, but they’re not quite ready for their own house key and bus schedule. In these cases, after-school programs in Phoenix, AZ can serve as the perfect place for kids and pre-teens to spend the afternoon before heading home for supper. If you haven’t considered getting your child into after-school programs, it’s time to think again. Here’s why.

Bridge the gap

When the school bell rings at 3 p.m., there is a two-hour gap (at minimum) between the time your kids get out of school and the time you’re allowed to leave work. For those parents who work late hours or work variable schedules, the gap between school’s end and your arrival could be longer. After-school programs help account for that period by picking your kids up from school and making productive use of their time until your arrival.

Keep trouble at bay

When you drop your kids off at school, you can rest assured that, for the next six or seven hours, at least, they’re reasonably safe. There might be scary teachers or bullies, but by and large, your kids are safe. When your children exit the supervision of that school system, the three or so hours they’re alone can be extremely stressful for you and them. After-school programs can provide the safety and adult oversight your kid needs, and you crave.

Educated care

Many after-school programs in Phoenix, AZ are more than just daycare. They put an emphasis on having your child complete their homework correctly before moving on to other tasks and activities. To ensure that the assignment comes out well, after-school programs employ people skilled in the various disciplines your child will encounter in grade school.

Form bonds

Children who are sensitive or shy may have problems forming friendships when they’re confined to a classroom. The schedule or the pressure of learning may sap their focus. After-school programs allow your kids the opportunity to form friendships in a setting that’s not strictly educational. That extra time with other students could help your kids drastically improve their social skills.

Relaxed skill expansion

Some after-school programs offer classes on subjects not commonly taught to young students. Interactive computer, writing or science classes can expand your kid’s skillset in a relaxed environment that emphasizes fun and learning, not test results.

Care for your magical star

You won’t find better school-age daycare in Phoenix, AZ than that provided by Magical Star Preschool. We’re happy to provide expert supervision for kids from six weeks to 12 years old. Our entire team is heavily vetted and uniformly committed to providing an educational and social advantage to all of the children in our care.

We understand how vital your treasured child is, which is why we take excellent care when they’re in our care. That’s our promise to you. Reach out to us today to learn more about our programs!

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