How Does the Preschool Enrollment Process Work?

If you’re considering preschool or toddler daycare in Phoenix, AZ for your child, there are a few things you should know about the preschool enrollment process. Use the following FAQs to get the details you need for successful enrollment.

How far in advance must I register my child to start toddler daycare in Phoenix, AZ?

You will need to complete your child’s enrollment at least 24 hours before his or her first day at the toddler daycare. While some centers may require more notice as part of their preschool enrollment process in Phoenix, AZ, Magical Star Preschool offers this shorter notice for parents’ convenience.

What information do I need for the preschool enrollment process?

To enroll your child, you will need to provide the basic enrollment paperwork. This includes an emergency information card, a copy of the child’s shot records and a federal food affidavit form. The toddler daycare in Phoenix, AZ will also have a general information form for you to complete.

What enrollment options are available for toddler daycare?

Each center varies, so you should check with the specific daycare provider about their preschool enrollment process in Phoenix, AZ. At Magical Star Preschool, we offer full-time enrollment and part-time enrollment. Children may be enrolled for daycare, preschool and before/after school care. Full time is available for up to 10 hours per day of childcare. Part time includes a maximum of five hours per day, with a minimum of three days each week.

At what age is my child eligible for toddler daycare in Phoenix, AZ?

At Magical Star Preschool, we welcome children ages six weeks to 12 years old.

Can I get financial assistance for enrollment fees?

As part of the preschool enrollment process, parents can apply for preschool tuition assistance that is available through the State Department of Economic Security. Magical Star Preschool staff can provide the application packet for you to complete and submit to see if you can obtain funds from this Childcare Assistance Program.

What if I change my mind after I’ve already completed the preschool enrollment process?

If you no longer wish to send your child to toddler daycare, simply notify Magical Star Preschool staff in writing that you wish to withdraw your child. This written notice must be given two weeks prior to the last day of childcare. If this notice is not provided, you will be charged for two additional weeks of childcare.

Get started

To start the preschool enrollment process in Phoenix, AZ for your child, simply contact the friendly team at Magical Star Preschool. We are a family-oriented child care center with a loving staff and teachers. We make sure to keep our environment safe for your child to learn, play and grow. Our learning curricula are designed to encourage development while also preparing students of all ages for success in their public school education. Snacks, breakfast, lunch and dinner are all provided. Contact us today to learn more, or stop by the preschool for a tour and to meet our staff.

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