Do I Need Before and After School Care If My Work Schedule Is Flexible?

Can you set your own hours for work? Parents who have a flexible work schedule may find it easier to chauffeur their children to and from school and to other activities. However, in many cases, after school care in Phoenix, AZ can be beneficial, even for those with a flexible work schedule. Here’s what you need to know to determine whether this additional care would be useful in your child’s situation.

Child daycare can help with homework

If your child attends after school care, this can help with the challenges of homework. Your child may be able to get tutoring assistance or structured supervision of their homework time. With more help and fewer distractions at after school care, your child may be more likely to complete their assignments, learn more from the work and experience greater success in school.

After school care offers unique learning opportunities

In addition to academic programs, after school care often includes opportunities to learn and explore other interests. Your child may have the chance to learn about art, construct with Legos, practice martial arts or explore their dance potential. These after school programs let them discover what they are good at, passionate about and enjoy.

A flexible work schedule may mean an unpredictable work schedule

If your work schedule is flexible, this may also mean it is unpredictable. Your hours may change daily or weekly, and on little notice. However, your child’s school schedule will not. Enrolling your child in after school care in Phoenix, AZ allows you to remain flexible with your schedule. You won’t have to stick to a rigid school schedule, because you will have the option of after school care for your child.

After school care can increase free time

If your child is enrolled in child daycare in Phoenix, AZ, this program can help put a little more free time on your calendar. While your child completes homework assignments or explores other activities during after school care, you can get more work done, run errands, complete tasks at home or simply take some much-needed relaxation time. You might be surprised how much you can get done with the extra time provided by after school care.

Child daycare is flexible, too

If your work schedule is flexible, you may assume that after school care would be a waste of resources, since you will not need it every day. However, keep in mind that child daycare in Phoenix, AZ is available on a part-time basis. Consult with your local after school care program to learn more about part-time enrollment for your child.

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