Tips for Dropping off Your Baby at Daycare for the First Time

Every parent has that tough moment when they have to drop off their child at daycare for the first time—and, let’s face it, you’re probably going to feel some level of guilt, especially those first few times. Rest assured it does get easier!

But it’s also important to recognize that your child will make new connections with other children and learn new things by attending daycare. Ultimately, having your child go to daycare is a decision that’s right for your family—you don’t need any more guilt!

If you’re a parent looking into infant daycare in Phoenix, AZ, you can do some things to prepare yourself and your child for the experience. While it may not be entirely painless, here are some ways to adjust to this new experience.

Do your homework

The first step you can take is to make sure you’ve selected the right daycare for your child. Vet each center you look at thoroughly. You can look for reviews and talk to friends. You may be able to tour the facility and ask the managers specific questions. The more information you have, the more comfortable you’ll feel sending your little one to daycare.

Prepare and be positive

Talk to your child well in advance about going to daycare. Even if they haven’t acquired language yet, giving them a little pep talk can put you both in a better mood. Then be positive and upbeat at the drop-off. You’ve probably noticed that your baby’s mood is often reflective of your own.

Refrain from staying too long

We know it’s hard, but it’s best to drop the child off, give a reassuring farewell and not hang around too long. Sometimes when you drag the process out longer, it makes things more difficult for you and for the baby. Be confident in your move to trust the caregiver to take care of your child.

Know your child’s caregiver

Be confident in handing over your baby to a caregiver to show the baby this is a trusted person. Then make sure to establish a sound relationship with the caregiver in which you can communicate about what your baby needs. This way you’ll also receive more feedback each day on your baby’s mood and experience at daycare.

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