Fun Learning Activities for Those Rainy Days

Kids love being outside. Whether it’s heading out for a swim in the summer, playing at the playground or exploring your backyard, getting outside is essential. But what happens when the weather doesn’t cooperate? Rather than turn to a screen to save the day, try out these rainy day activities for kids.

Build with cups

Often the best ideas are the simplest. Get a bunch of disposable or plastic cups, and allow your child to be creative. They may start by stacking them high and knocking them over. Pretty soon, they’ll be building castles and incorporating their cup structures into pretend play.

Create a racetrack

Children love playing with small cars, and they love playing on the stairs, so this is a natural match. It’s easy to create a simple racetrack out of cardboard or other materials, and then send the cars speeding down. Challenge your child to build the longest racetrack possible.

Arts and crafts

Kids love being creative, and there’s no better way to keep them engaged on a rainy day. The fact is that children learn a wide range of skills via the arts from problem solving to fine motor skills. Whether it’s molding Play-Doh, drawing with crayons and markers or painting, the arts provide a range of valuable and fun indoor activities for kids.


Let’s face it: At the end of a rainy day, your kids are going to have energy to burn. That’s why it’s a great idea to incorporate movement-oriented rainy day activities for kids. Whether it’s learning some ballet or doing some kids’ yoga, you have plenty of options. Just hop on YouTube, and you’re likely to find what you’re looking for.

Rock painting

During the pandemic, parents were struggling to find ways to keep their kids busy and were searching for ways to help them interact with other children. One neat thing that came out of this was the rock-painting phenomenon: Children paint rocks however they like (feel free to add extras like glitter and googly eyes); then they leave them in public spaces like parks and trails for other children to find.

Wash the dishes

Younger kids don’t know that chores aren’t supposed to be fun! One simple way to get them excited is to do the dishes together. Let them splash around in the soapy water while you—maybe—get one task off your list. They will be delighted, and then they can help clean up your wet countertops.

We hope these fun indoor activities for kids keep your little ones engaged. If you’re searching for a family-oriented childcare center with a loving staff and teachers, Magical Star Preschool is here to meet your needs. We make sure to keep our environment safe for all children between the ages of six weeks and 12 years. Our learning curricula are designed to encourage development while also preparing students of all ages for public school. Get in touch with us today to learn more, or stop by the preschool for a tour!

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