Tips for Choosing Between Daycares Near Work or Home

Are you looking into daycare options for your children? One of the biggest questions you’re going to have to consider is location. Does it make more sense for you to put your children into a daycare center near work or home in Phoenix, AZ?

Each option has its own pros and cons. Here are some of the things you should take into account:

  • Who drops off the children: If one parent is doing the majority of the picking up and dropping off, then it probably makes sense to have the kids at a daycare near work. However, if both parents are sharing pickup and drop-off responsibilities, it probably makes more sense to put the kids into a daycare near home, unless both parents work very close to each other.
  • Length of commute: How long do you have to commute to and from work each day? If it’s a long commute, you might not want to have your children sit through the entire drive with you each day. However, at the same time, longer commutes can make it more difficult to get to daycare centers in time to pick up your children. Carefully consider how the length of your commute in Phoenix, AZ may factor into your childcare decision.
  • Other children: Do you have other children with different schedules you have to take into account? You should consider schooling schedules and locations, activities and other issues that could influence where you put your younger children during the day while your older kids are busy.
  • The child’s needs: Some parents might wish to be close to their child during the day just in case they need you for something, which would make it sensible to choose a daycare closer to work. This is especially important if you have a child with special needs, about whom you are more likely to get calls during the work day.
  • The general location of both places: Does the location you’re looking at work for your family? If it logistically just isn’t going to work out one way, then it doesn’t make sense to force it, even if you’ve found a great daycare.
  • Friends: In some cases, the pull to go to a daycare closer to your home may be stronger if you know your child has friends who also go to the same daycare. This can help make the daycare experience a much more positive one for your child, if they have other familiar faces to share the time with. It also opens up the possibility of carpooling or shared pickup and drop-off responsibilities.

These are just a few examples of some of the most important considerations to factor into your choice of daycare. Ultimately, whether you select one that is close to your home or close to your work, it’s important to make sure it is a daycare with high standards of quality and safety, and that you can feel completely comfortable leaving your children in the care of the staff.

For more information about choosing a daycare center in Phoenix, AZ, or to learn more about our programs, contact the professionals at Magical Star Preschool today.

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